Decontamination Devices

Decontamination Devices

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Competence in CBRN: A complete package

For many years, Futuretech has been developing, testing and supplying tailor-made solutions for the effective defence of NBC attacks in urban and natural environments. The truckmounted TEP 90, the DECOCONTAIN 3000 GDS or JSTDS – products, in which the protection of people and the environment is the focal point.

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Handy application device to be used with the decontamination agent GDS 2000

Decontamination Tent

Double-walled, inflatable tent for decontamination of clothes and equipment 





DMP 12

Diesel engine pump startable by hand with high capacity

DMP 200 EL

Electrical diesel engine pump with high capacity

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DS 10

Pressure spray device with an integral mixer unit for the application of decontamination and cleaning agents 

DS 5

Pressure spray device with an integral mixer unit for the application of decon and cleaning agents


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Shower Tent 100

Inflatable personal shower tent for setting up a shower station with a field shower as a hygienic shower

Shower Tent 3x3

Inflatable shower tent with 3 sections, each one containing 3 separate cubicles for undressing, shower and dressing





Collapsible Water Tank 3,000l grey

Compact and collapsible water tank with high capacity of 3000 I, in grey

Collapsible water tank 3,000I grey

Compact collapsible water tank with a capacity of 3,000 I, in green

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Field Shower

Field shower enables 2 persons to take a shower at the same time with or without the use of cleaning agents.

Showerjet 15

Shower system for simultaneous shower of 15 persons with or without the use of cleaning agents



SN 50 Decon

Thermo aerosol generator for the application of B decontamination agents for the decontamination of interiors